05 Feb 2013

Renault 5 GTT EVO

Car No. 18
Still in ownership since 05/02/2013

When I went to look at the Renault 5 convertible, a GTT was just brought in to be sold. The previous owner brought it in thinking its engine had broken, but the dealer only needed a small fix to get it running again. While its paint looked really bad, it was mechanically perfect.

I received a quote to completely repaint the car, which was way cheaper in The Netherlands than would be in Australia. I decided to buy the GTT as well, and trusted the dealer to handle all repairs, painting, and even its delivery to the port for export. I was kept up to date with photos, but it was a real treat to pick up the freshly painted GTT from the Melbourne docks!

This car was a real head-turner in Australia, and with the EVO kit it’s most likely even unique worldwide – I’m unaware of many other GTTs with an EVO kit. While some people do not like this kit too much, and I was a bit hesitant at first too, it has grown on me.

Once I even received a positive comment on the ‘design features’ of the car (for example the door handles), and how good the car looks from an architect. He even thought the car was new, and was very surprised I told him it was a 1988 built car!

When I left Australia I found no buyers for it, so it moved back to The Netherlands and even the original license plate returned.