05 Feb 2013

Renault 5 GTS EBS Convertible

Car No. 17
Still in ownership since 05/02/2013

While in The Netherlands for holiday, looking for a a Renault 19 part for family in Mongolia, I visited the Renault Tuning Club forum just at the right moment, and found this Renault 5 convertible for sale. I always wanted a convertible, and for this price I couldn’t let it go.

Because I knew about importing cars to Australia from my research on the Taiwanese Renault 5, I knew this car would be possible to be imported as it was from before 1989. Also, the state of Victoria in Australia allows for the registration of a car on ‘club plates’, as long as the car is 25 years or older. Whether it was a left-hand drive or right-hand drive didn’t matter.

Although the task of exporting and importing would be quite an effort, I decided to buy the convertible (and also the GTT EVO). It certainly was the only Renault 5 convertible in Australia, Renault 5s were never even sold here.

After moving back to The Netherlands, I found out its manufacturing number and how unique this car even was: it’s the only still-driving convertible that was sold with full options (all electric windows, electric roof, and leather interior).