26 Dec 2015

Honda Insight

Car No. 19
From 26/12/2013 to 20/10/2016

The Ford Falcon had done its service for 3 years, and if its repair wouldn’t cost $8000 we would still have it. Unfortunately, that was just too much money for a 1987 car.

Having looked at older Renaults first, which were not as good or economically, I tried to find an first-gen Honda Insight due to its uniqueness. Only the newer ones were for sale at the moment, and they’re not as expensive as we thought! After checking its fuel economy (it’s a hybrid) and performing a test drive I decided to buy it. With a 5 year warranty I’m sure to own the car for a while, and it certainly is the most efficient car I’ve owned.

I never finished the 5 year ownership, as I left Australia to go back to The Netherlands.