04 Feb 2011

Ford Falcon GL (LPG)

Car No. 16
From 04/02/2011 to 07/01/2014

I bought two cars at the auction and this one was so cheap I just had to buy it. Because it ran on LPG, it would be cheap driving, or so I thought. In fact, with an efficiency of only 6 kilometre to the litre, it was only slightly cheaper than regular petrol. Maybe because it’s a 4.1 litre engine?

However, driving the car made you relax and it really grew on us. An old car like this required regular mechanical fixes, until one day the head gasket was leaking. An expensive repair, but we decided to go ahead anyway. Unfortunately the garage found grooves in the engine block, which would require a complete engine reconditioning. That would be far too expensive, so we decided to give away the car to an Australian Ford Falcon club member instead of scrapping it. A better choice: even the garage thought crushing the car would be sad, as the body was in really good shape!