04 Feb 2011

Volkswagen Golf GL

Car No. 15
From 04/02/2011 to 28/07/2013

In Australia, you just have to have a car. The car prices in advertisements were quite high, and even backpacker cars have increased quite a lot compared to what I remember from 2005.

I found a place where they sell cars through auctions, and I decided to take a look. I just couldn’t resist bidding as the prices were quite low, so I left the auction with two cars… Unfortunately the car needed a lot of repairs, which is probably why they have these auctions…

Well, I had to repair it anyway because I would have similar difficulty in reselling a broken car. I didn’t drive this car much, except for rainy days (the other car, the Ford Falcon, is rear-heavy and slides easy). The advertisement for this car was online for 1.5 year, but received no interest. When eventually the clutch disappeared, I had to sell it very cheap through eBay.