26 Dec 2015

Honda Insight

Car No. 19
From 26/12/2013 to 20/10/2016

The Ford Falcon had done its service for 3 years, and if its repair wouldn’t cost $8000 we would still have it. Unfortunately, that was just too much money for a 1987 car.

Having looked at older Renaults first, which were not as good or economically, I tried to find an first-gen Honda Insight due to its uniqueness. Only the newer ones were for sale at the moment, and they’re not as expensive as we thought! After checking its¬†fuel economy (it’s a hybrid) and performing a test drive I decided to buy it. With a 5 year warranty I’m sure to own the car for a while, and it certainly is the most efficient car I’ve owned.

I never finished the 5 year ownership, as I left Australia to go back to The Netherlands.