07 Feb 2008

Renault 5 Automatic in Taiwan

Car No. 14
From 07/02/2008 to 04/01/2011


After I got back from the United States in September 2006 I used the Express GTT. However, after my Bachelor degree finished, I went to Taipei, Taiwan to study my Masters. I sold the Express GTT in July 2007.

In Taipei the public transport system is very helpful, but as the winter holiday was approaching I wanted to have a car to drive around. However, finding a proper car when all ads are Chinese is quite a challenge!

While on a train holiday with classmates, I spotted a Renault 5 driving in a town in the south of Taiwan. It was the first one I’ve ever seen here, and there was a piece of paper attached to its window: it must be for sale! I chased the car running, stopped it, and basically bought it the next minute.

I enjoyed this car quite well, but also spent quite a lot of money on repairing the mechanical issues that came up every so often. I have never seen another Renault 5 in Taiwan, except for a single ad for a GTT.

After I finished my Taiwanese studies, and got accepted to an Australian PhD, I even researched the export and import of this car. While I managed to find all details, I was in the end unable to import the car: it was built after 1989 and then the car should be right-hand drive (which it wasn’t, as Taiwanese drive on the right). So, I was forced to sell it in January 2011.