About Me

I’ve kept a site with some ‘random’ information since around 2002, and have gone through several designs and different contents. And, while I don’t get many visitors, the collection of digital dashboards pops up occasionally on forums, which is one of the main reasons to keep this site alive.

As you came here, you’re interested in knowing who I actually am. I’m an electrical engineer, telecommunications engineer, geographer, and infrastructure engineer who’s lived in Melbourne, Australia for 6 years, hence the .net.au. However, I’m back in The Netherlands, where I’m originally from. However, I do travel a lot: I also lived and studied for 4 years in Taiwan, and stayed for several months in the USA, India, and Russia for work projects.

I’m fascinated by skyscrapers and long-span bridges, and like to travel and photograph. However, on this website you will mainly find items related to my other interest: cars. If you look at my car history, the Renault brand, and in particular the Renault 5, returns. I currently own two Renault 5s, which I personally imported to Australia from The Netherlands (and brought them back to The Netherlands again, when I moved back).

My website has the most outreach through my collection of digital dashboard photos. I started to collect these photos from online forums a long time ago, when I was an electrical engineering student in The Netherlands, and interested in making my own for my car. I never made it, but my collection of photos grew, and is now the most visited page on my site.

If you have any questions, or have an addition to my digital dashboard collection, I look forward to your message.