24 Oct 2005

Mistubishi Sigma

Car No. 11
From 24/10/2005 to 14/12/2005

While in Australia, it is most useful to own a car to drive around. I bought the car in Perth, and in less then two months drove to the other side of the country, where I departed from Sydney.

The owner of the car told me it never left Perth, and I was therefore the first who would use it as a backpacker car. It was also the oldest car I ever owned, the car being from 1981. It didn’t fail me mechanically, but in the 20,000 kilometre driven I did experience 3 flat tires and one wonky ball joint, which I actually didn’t fix.

During the trip I found the car a bit boring, and I decided to paint it together with 2 other backpackers who joined me at that time. With paint in only three colours bought from the local hardware store we were able to paint our countries flags, an Australian flag, and some further decoration.

I had fond memories of this car, and when I started living in Australia 5 years later I tried to find one similar. Unfortunately, due to their age they’re quite rare now.